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We are building models based on a project.

We are creating both stiff and elastic forms from polymer composites consisting of glass reinforced polyester or epoxy glass laminate. In special cases we use fiberglass or glass woven, and the polymer matrix constitutes a vinyl ester. For the production of forms we use polymer tools often armed with additionally laminated profiles. However, flexible forms can be made of polyurethane or silicone.

We are combining different technologies in order to get the best effects.

Production methods

Manual laminating - HANDY-LAY-UP

The manual method of forming, in which the product is being built as a result of putting layers of the appropriate carrier materials on oneself. On the exterior surface of the product there is a gelcoat, which is being put on firstly with the manual method or the spray method in the technological process (by using a special machine - SPRAY / GUN version).

Vacuum forming - VACUUM

The production method of products in a closed form. Firstly - like in the manual method - gelcoat is put on (manually or by Spray). In the next support layers are being put on the form (glass mats, technical fabrics, synthetic mats, mats in sandwich form, coremata, rovicore, etc.) and possible reinforcements and adaptations. After this operation the form is being closed, whereby it can be closed with a specially prepared diaphragm made of PWS laminate (a stamp) or with a diaphragm made from a plastic or silicone sack. In each of these cases ensuring the airtightness is the key aspect (hermeticity of the form).

Injection method - RTM

The use of compressed air, special clamps, servomotors or presses provides an appropriate pressure of the parts to the form. In relation to the appearing of enormous closing powers and (during the production) pressure connected with the injection of resin - the forms in this method must have an adequate strength. For that purpose special pastes, composite materials, as well as structures of metal frames and reinforcements are being used.

After closing the form the resin is being injected through a special hole (holes) made in the form.

We offer not only our products and production, but also a full service, professional lacquering in any kind and colour and the installation.